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Mediterranean products

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Discover Our Selection of Vegan Packs!

We've crafted perfect combinations of our products to offer you a hassle-free culinary experience. Moreover, if you wish, you can customize your own pack and create the perfect combination to suit your tastes and needs.

This selection focuses on providing a variety of sweet and vegan products for those looking to indulge in delicious flavors. It's a perfect choice to satisfy sweet cravings!

It's perfect for those seeking an urban and modern culinary experience, filled with unique textures and flavors.

This pack is perfect for livening up any vegan party. Each jar offers unique and delicious flavors that complement each other.

High-quality products exclusively and artisanally selected from local producers and farmers in Chirivel.

Our product catalog

We produce with the highest BIO-VEGAN standards of quality and food safety
in the market.
We work with a regenerative philosophy, focusing on
land sustainability and caring for the environment to achieve a truly
ecological product with the best taste.

Artisanal bio-vegan pâtés made with natural, organic ingredients. They stand out for their intense flavor, texture, and traditional preparation.

Our sauces preserve the essence of Mediterranean cuisine and the traditional flavor to accompany any dish (tofu, potatoes, etc.).

Creams that stand out in the market for their high percentage of quality raw materials and quantity.
High-quality products exclusively and artisanally selected from local producers and farmers in Chirivel.

We are ecological...
and from Chirivel

An organic product is one that is produced with sustainable agricultural practices that take into account the environment and the land.

And our products come from the land of Chirivel, in Almería. It is a land marked by tradition and non-intensive exploitation, and it produces the excellent raw materials we work with.

Mediterranean flavor

Our idea is to revive the ancestral flavors of the first Mediterranean cuisine. We aim to highlight the immense legacy, properties, and taste of a tradition nurtured by the same sea that has given rise to the world's best diet (and cuisine).

Each product is inspired by a specific geographic region known for a characteristic recipe, resulting in a wide and diverse catalog.


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